6 Reasons You Should Start Keeping
Your Ring Safe with LoveLocker

Say goodbye to a costly, dreadful heartache.
Are you ready to join the movement?


This Locker
is a Love Saver.

With storage technology getting better and better, repairs and replacements are a thing of the past. Thanks to our secure RingLock™ technology, you don't have to be scared of damaging or losing your ring. The dependable LoveLocker Ring Case offers 9 powerful rare-earth magnets to perfectly protect your symbol of love.


More Women treasure
Keeping Diamonds forever.

Just like women, diamonds are incredibly strong and extraordinarily precious. But when it comes to priceless treasures, we can't afford to take risks. That's why 1,000's of women trust LoveLocker to keep their diamonds forever.


Say Hi to Hygiene.

Not only does it look better sparkling, but it's healthier and easier to keep it clean when there's soft medical-grade silicone cushioning your ring. In fact, 80% of women wash their priceless possessions solely for good hygiene. You take care of the rest of your valuables, why stop at your jewelry?


Your Confidence
Will Skyrocket.

And there's nothing prettier than confidence. Rule the day feeling your best. Being well prepared is a simple way to show you take that extra effort to honor commitment. Feel prepared, confident, and enjoy peace of mind at all times.


Say Bye to
Leaving It Behind

Bring it with you. The integrated keyring loop keeps it connected and by your side, and is the perfect way to carry your pride. Equipped with world class, dependable, and lightweight aircraft aluminum protection, you're free to go anywhere and do anything in style.


The Complete Package for Your Love

The LoveLocker Ring Case comes with both the LoveLocker Lanyard and Micro Carabiner Clip so you can have everything you need to be travel ready. Choose from a variety of beautiful colors - with unique glossy or sparkling finishes. It's a personal ring locker, just for her.

Love is everlasting. Rings should be too.