Our Story

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Hi! It's Brandon and Alexis here, co-founders of NeoChara™ Inc. This journey began when we got engaged in 2017. Alexis was ecstatic, as you might expect. She loved wearing her new engagement ring everywhere she went. It brought her so much joy and happiness!

At the time, Alexis was a Labor and Delivery Nurse working at a local hospital. Unfortunately... she couldn't wear her new engagement ring while working in sterile environments.

The thought of taking her ring off at work was nerve-racking. She learned that some people would attach their ring to their scrubs... but if her ring goes in the laundry at work, it's likely gone forever. She tried attaching her ring to her badge loop, but it came loose and she almost lost it! And sadly... four of her co-workers already lost their rings at work! Leaving it at home didn't feel right either, because she would worry about a home-burglary.

Feeling concerned about the safety of her new ring (especially because she bent it moving furniture in the first 2 weeks!), she brought this up to Brandon. When he went searching for a solution, and couldn't find what he was looking for... we realized that we would need to create something completely new. It would need to protect the ring by keeping it safe, secure, and with her at all times. It would be a special locker for her symbol of love. And not only for her, but for anyone who finds themselves in a similar position.

Many designs and prototypes later, we created the all-new LoveLocker™. It's fun to use, convenient, and helps people by solving a real problem

Today, Alexis uses her LoveLocker™ as she continues to work as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. It brings her great joy knowing that she always has a safe place to keep her rings. Meanwhile, Brandon pursues our dream of sharing NeoChara™ values (NewJoy!) with the world.

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American Made

We're on a mission not only to give new joy, but to bring opportunity to American businesses. From our packaging to the LoveLocker™ itself, everything we create is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

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Made with passion.

American owned and operated, we proudly partner with local businesses to make dreams come true.

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Do good, feel good.

Saving couples from experiencing harm or loss to their precious symbols of love brings us joy.

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Eco friendly.

We're all about love, mother earth included! Our packaging is 100% recyclable and plastic-free.