Different Tips on How to Care for a Vintage Engagement Ring


Antique engagement rings are perfect for eccentric couples who are looking for a way to make their wedding bonds stand out from others. However, as unique as the antiques may be, they require a different level of care to keep them looking elegant—they also have more potential hazards than modern rings.

Whether you’ve inherited an antique engagement ring or your partner has given one to you, you should know these different tips on how to care for a vintage engagement ring before you wear it everywhere.

Take the Ring to a Jeweler for an Inspection

Taking the ring in for an inspection is an essential part of owning an antique piece of jewelry. The inspection will play a role in helping you figure out what to watch out for.

Find a trustworthy, credible jeweler or certified antique appraiser to do the inspection for you. Don’t take it to the same place you or your partner bought it from, and don’t bother taking the ring to a jewelry chain. Chain stores likely won’t have the right tools to evaluate your vintage ring.

Wash the Vintage Ring Gently

Jewelers used different methods to make engagement rings before jeweler technology advanced to its point today. This more rustic construction has its charms, but also impacts the ring in negative ways—such as providing more nooks and crannies for dirt to build up.

With this in mind, you should remember that the metal, setting, and gemstones are more fragile than a newer ring. Washing your ring will require a gentle touch with soft tools. Before you start cleaning it, dust it off with a soft toothbrush or a small artist’s paintbrush.

To clean your antique engagement ring:

  1. Mix gentle dish soap in warm water.
  2. Soak the ring in the mixture for several minutes.
  3. Take the ring out and gently scrub it with a pristine, soft toothbrush. Carefully use the brush to scrub under the setting.
  4. Rinse the ring in clean water.

If you’re not confident, take it to a professional to clean it.

Know When To Take Your Antique Engagement Ring Off

While you should know when to take your engagement ring off, this different tip on how to care for a vintage engagement ring is also important. Antiques are more fragile than a modern piece of jewelry. Since engagement rings are so crucial to you and your partner’s bond with each other, it’s hard to leave them behind—even if you’re keeping them safe. Instead of leaving yours at home, keep your ring with you in a keychain wedding ring holder that you can keep in your purse, on a lanyard, or in your pocket.

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