Why You Should Not Sleep With Your Ring On


After you receive a piece of jewelry with so much sentimental value that you want to sleep with it on—like an engagement or wedding ring—you may feel tempted to do just that. However, sleeping with your ring can put you, your partner, and the precious jewelry itself in danger—which is the opposite effect that you want when sleeping with something close to you. Whether by mistake or on purpose, consider the reasons why you should not sleep with your ring on before falling asleep with one of your most expensive possessions.

You May Damage the Ring

Some people are downright cantankerous in their sleep without knowing it. From sleep talking to being in funny positioning to sleepwalking, the ways our body reacts to disruptions or sleep in general can be a mystery to us all. All that tossing, turning, and motion puts your ring in danger if you’re wearing it. Your ring can get damaged if you sleep on it or if it catches on your bedspread. If it gets bent in your sleep, it’ll break, and if the prongs that hold the gemstone(s) get broken, you could lose those, too.

You May Lose the Ring

In a similar vein to damaging your ring, you could lose the ring altogether. While you’re sleeping, the ring may slip off your finger and onto the floor or under the covers—which could lead to an unpleasant surprise if you roll on it! Not knowing where the ring is could lead to a simple inconvenience in your morning routine or an anxiety-inducing full-day search if you’re really having trouble locating it. If you own pets or have children, and the ring landed on the floor, it could end up in places you don’t want to think about.

You Could Hurt Yourself or Others

It’s an understatement to say that diamonds are hard enough to hurt someone if they get scraped by one. Whether it’s the gemstone or the ring itself that you’re worried about hurting others with, you may not be able to control where your hands move in your sleep. You could scrape your spouse, pet, or your young child if they still sleep in your bed.

Scrapes may even be the least of your concern—accidentally flinging your hand into your partner’s face could lead to the ring hurting their eyes, lips, nose, or cheeks. You can’t control your actions when you’re asleep which is why the ring is such a dangerous accessory to your PJs.

The benefits of wearing your ring while sleeping are not greater than all the reasons why you should not sleep with your ring on. If you’re looking for a safer option for nighttime ring storage other than simply placing it on your bedside table, consider keeping it in a LoveLocker portable ring case. Whether you place the case in a drawer or on a dresser, the ring will be safe from harm so you can sleep soundly knowing it’s not in any danger.

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