The Most Popular Wedding Ring Styles for Women


Though engagement rings usually steal the show from the wedding band, they’re still one half of a whole ring. Wedding ring designs are often simple—you don’t want to take the attention away from the glitz and glamor of an elegant engagement ring. Pairing your engagement ring with a complementing wedding band will add another dimension to the sentimental accessory. By learning about some of the most popular wedding ring styles for women, you’ll know exactly what the perfect addition to your engagement ring will be.

Solid Wedding Band

For many women, the simpler the wedding band is, the better. Simple circular wedding bands fill a need for people who want their engagement ring fully in the spotlight. Depending on your budget and the look you’re going for, they can either be a solid precious metal or diamond-encrusted.

Jewelers can also shape the simple band into their more elegant designs, only without the gemstones, allowing you to easily stack or nest the wedding ring with your engagement ring. Whether you choose a round edge, a flat edge, or an engraved custom design, the simplicity will add another layer of complexity to the ring that signifies your bond with your betrothed.

Many jewelers offer simple bands with and without diamonds for their unique designs.

Twisting Twin Bands

If you’d prefer a wedding band that represents your marriage itself, consider choosing a wedding ring style with twin bands that intertwine like vines. The twisting band symbolizes the intersection of your two lives through marriage. Twisted rings can look simple, with one or two twists, or create the image of vines. A band with a vine-like appearance can bring natural beauty to the rings, which makes them perfect for women who love flowers and nature.

Choose a delicately twisted band to add subtle elegance to the ring.

Colorful Gemstones

After so many years of diamonds being in the spotlight for wedding bands and engagement rings, it’s only natural for women to begin looking to other gemstones for a pop of color that sets their bands apart from the rest. Whether you choose sapphire, emerald, or aquamarine, gemstones are an iconic option for the most popular wedding ring styles for women.

You’ll only need to remember that the gemstones you use will have a different hardness than diamonds—they may need more care or more careful handling. Damage to the gem or band will take away some of the beauty of the two rings together. Whether you travel to the beach, work out at the gym, or work with your hands every day, protect your wedding band and engagement ring in a LoveLocker wedding ring holder for the gym to prevent scratches and scuffs.

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