Is It Safe To Wear Your Engagement Ring and Exercise?


If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you may feel like you need to question everything you do while wearing your engagement ring. Suddenly, every little task feels like it’s dangerous—anything could damage your precious ring at any moment, and you may feel like there’s little you can do to prevent it.

Exercising seems simple enough when you don’t need to worry about damaging an extremely expensive piece of sentimental jewelry! Is it safe to wear your engagement ring and exercise? Let’s take a look at some of the risks before coming to a conclusion.

The Dangers to the Ring

The first thing you must consider before you do any amount of exercise with your engagement ring is the dangers exercise poses for the ring. Damaging a cheaper piece of jewelry is one thing, but damaging something like your engagement ring can cause extensive damage to both your happiness and the relationship between you and your fiancé.

As you work out, consider the danger that heavy machinery poses to any jewelry—especially rings. It’s easy to jam your finger on a piece of workout equipment, and while a broken nail or a bruised finger can hurt for a couple of days, it’s nothing in comparison to a broken engagement ring. Even if you exercise without equipment, the sweat on your hands can cause the ring to slip off if you’re not careful.

The Dangers to You

So, outside of the ring’s health and taking your own safety into consideration, is it safe to wear your engagement ring and exercise? More often than not, the answer is “no.” Wearing a ring while working out can cause you to lose your grip more easily, which could lead to an injury. Whether you’re gripping climbing equipment or heavy lifting equipment, losing your grip can pose a serious danger to yourself and those around you, in addition to likely damaging your ring.

The sharp edges of the gemstone and its setting can also cut open your skin if you accidentally graze yourself with the ring while working out. Not only would this cut your workout short, but it would also really hurt.

However, just because you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring while exercising doesn’t mean you must leave it at home. Keep your beautiful engagement ring safe in a LoveLocker workout ring holder and either leave it in your locker or secure it on your lanyard without worrying about it falling off.

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