Reasons Not To Wear Jewelry While Playing Sports


Keeping your jewelry safe while you live an active, sporty lifestyle isn’t easy, and it’s hard to leave some of the more important keepsakes at home or in the locker room. When a piece of jewelry is especially precious to you or serves as a good luck charm, you may find that the only option you have is to wear it while you’re playing your favorite sport. However, with so many reasons not to wear jewelry while playing sports, you may find that your belongings are in more danger than you think.

You Put Yourself and Others in Danger

Even the most seemingly harmless jewelry can put you and others at risk of injury during an activity. Unless your accessories are tailored for athletes—such as trackers and wristbands—they may get caught on equipment, body parts, or other people. When this happens, you may cut or tear skin—especially if you wear piercings and rings.

Other players, whether inadvertently or with ill intent, may grab at necklaces, which can choke or hurt your neck. Earrings or piercings that tear out during sports can cause harmful infections and impact your ability to wear them in the future.

Jewelry Distracts You While You’re Active

When participating in a solo activity or sport, you may think it’s safe to wear your jewelry like normal. This is far from the truth! Wearing jewelry during a competitive solo activity can impact your ability to concentrate or even affect your speed. You may spend too much time focusing on unhooking an earring that catches your hair or searching for a ring that fell off while running. The smallest pieces of jewelry also affect your wind or water resistance while running or swimming, adding difficulty to your exercise.

You’ll Damage the Jewelry

One of the most important reasons not to wear jewelry while playing sports is because you can damage the jewelry that you hold dear. Precious metals, such as those in a wedding ring or a necklace, don’t react well to sweat and wear down after strenuous activity. If anyone grabs onto jewelry or the jewelry catches on equipment, it can break or bend.

Wearing jewelry while participating in your favorite sports gives you an unnecessary weak point and increases the risks of preventable hazards. If you fear storing jewelry in a locker room, taking off your wedding ring, or keeping it on while you’re active, LoveLocker provides you with a solution that allows you to keep your beloved lucky charms nearby without the danger.

By wearing a LoveLocker travel ring holder on a lanyard or keeping it in a safe place, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that the most important accessories in your jewelry box are out of the way and no longer a hazard to you, your team, or your rivals.

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