Ways To Protect Your Jewelry From Severe Weather


Late spring and summer may give us warm temperatures and blooming flowers, but they also herald the most active times for severe weather across the country. Wherever you are in the world, it’s important to stay aware of any active storm or natural threats that put you, your family, and your precious belongings in danger.

A jewelry collection is perhaps one of the most valuable sets of belongings you could have—whether emotionally or financially valuable. Knowing the different ways to protect your jewelry from severe weather can save you from losing everything during a disaster.

Insure Your Jewelry

While insuring your jewelry collection won’t save it from a flood or a tornado, insurance will assure you that you have money that you can use to recover and rebuild. Every time you purchase or receive a new addition to your jewelry collection, take thorough pictures of it and insure it.

In a worst-case scenario, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you won’t lose the value of the pieces of jewelry with the highest price points. Even if insurance covers the rest of your financial losses, the jewelry insurance money can help you rebuild your collection to the glory it once was.

Secure Your Jewelry

If your jewelry is all in one secure location, it’ll be easy for you to take it with you as you take shelter or evacuate. Store your jewelry in one place (or a few places) that you’ll remember if you must quickly take it with you in an emergency. Remember—your life is more important than jewelry. No matter how sentimental the pieces are, when you’re in immediate danger, focus on taking shelter first.

For those who may feel nervous keeping all their pricey keepsakes in one central location, separate the jewelry storage by the level of attachment. You may want to keep something like your grandmother’s wedding ring somewhere different than a beautiful bracelet you got while on vacation abroad—both are important, but one has more sentimental value than the other.

Be Careful Wearing Your Jewelry in Severe Weather

You may believe that the safest place for jewelry to be during a natural disaster is on your person. While you’ll certainly know where your belongings are if you’re wearing them, they can put you in danger or get lost as you maneuver through the aftermath.

Any event that pumps your adrenaline can easily cause your ring to slip off your finger or a necklace to break. Treading water, running, and moving branches aren’t safe for any wearable on your body—and the extra metal can weigh you down or attract electricity.

The best way to protect your jewelry from severe weather if you’re in the midst of it—especially when it’s something you wear every day, like a wedding ring—is to store it in a secure wedding ring travel case in your bag or on a lanyard. LoveLockers are perfect for emergencies; our RingLock™ technology ensures that the capsule won’t open on accident, even during severe weather.

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