Wedding Ring Etiquette While Working Out at the Gym

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Wedding rings and sweat don’t mix well, so how do you go to the gym for an intense workout when you’re married? Do you leave the ring at home and worry about what happens to it while you’re apart? Or do you leave it in a locker, vaguely secured by a padlock and near plenty of drains and holes that the ring could slip into?

It’s about time that we figure this out once and for all by learning about proper wedding ring etiquette while working out at the gym—no more worrying about corroding metal or gym thieves!

Why Not Wear Your Ring While Working Out?

You and your partner, or just your partner, spent far too much money on your wedding rings just to let them get damaged by regular visits to the gym. Your wedding rings are statement accessories—not only are you displaying you and your spouse’s love for each other, but you’re also showing off something that is so uniquely you.

The metal that forms a standard wedding band is typically a precious, soft metal such as gold, silver, or platinum. Salty, gross sweat will degrade the metal over time, causing dullness, bending, or breaking. You may start to notice the ring feeling sticky and grimy after exercising—this is the first sign that something needs to change.

In addition to the way a wedding band reacts with sweat, wearing any sort of jewelry while working out can pose a risk to your safety while working with equipment. The ring may affect your grip, or it may catch on a piece of equipment and break; you better hope that the diamond doesn’t break off if this happens! If your hands ever slip off the equipment, you can hurt yourself on the ring.

Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth. Consider accidentally scratching yourself with your ring like stabbing yourself with your own nails, only worse.

So Where Should You Put Your Ring?

There are a few different solutions when it comes to wedding ring etiquette while working out at the gym. Some of the most effective solutions include:

Place It in a Safe at Home

Though it’s difficult being away from your ring for too long, it’ll be far safer at home than it would be in a gym locker or gym bag. Before going to the gym, place the wedding ring in a locked safe that you’ve hidden somewhere secret. While this may be a secure option, if you go straight to the gym after work or have separation anxiety, it may not be the solution for you.

Keep It With You Using a Wearable, Secure Jewelry Safe

The best option for storing your wedding ring while working out is the one that keeps it safe and close to your heart. A LoveLocker pocket-sized safe acts as a special workout ring holder that you can secure on a lanyard with your keys. With NeoChara’s unique RingLock technology, your irreplaceable ring will stay safe while you push your limits in the gym, remaining far away from the deterioration of sweat and secured around your neck or nearby in your bag.

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