What To Consider Before Purchasing an Engagement Ring


Planning to buy an engagement ring for your beloved is one of the most important decisions of your entire life. The engagement ring can be a surprise or a mutual decision, but it represents both your commitment to the relationship and the desire to marry each other.

As you take the bold leap and seek out your perfect engagement ring, you have many important considerations to make both before and during the purchasing process. Leaping right into a rash decision without knowing what to consider before purchasing an engagement ring can sour the proposal and your relationship, so be sure to take these things into account when it’s time to push your relationship to the next level.

Evaluate Your Relationship

Before purchasing anything as grand as an engagement ring, consider both yourself and your partner’s readiness to become fiancés—and later, spouses. If there’s any doubt in your mind or your partner’s that your relationship will work out, you may need to reevaluate your decision. Consider everything from life goals to your compatibility living together. Work on purchasing the ring only when you think you’re both ready for the change to your relationship status.

Communicate Your Readiness With Your Partner

Even though the idea of a surprise engagement is romantic, make sure that you and your partner have a serious conversation about marriage before you buy a ring. You can still surprise your partner with the proposal method, but you don’t want to pressure them with a sudden proposal that requires quick thinking. They may need some time to process the idea of marriage, so patience is essential.

Finding the Right Jeweler

When it’s time to purchase a ring, where you decide to shop matters. A chain jewelry store may have a larger selection of brand-name pieces, but a local jewelry store can give you a more personalized ring-buying experience. You may have more options to customize the perfect ring that symbolizes your love with an independent jeweler. Still, if you’re looking for a simpler process, a chain jewelry store might be best—depending on your budget.

Figuring Out Ring Size

If you want to have the ring available when you propose, you’ll need to get the ring size right—or at least be in the right range—on your first try. When you’re trying to surprise your partner with a shiny engagement ring, you can’t just ask for their ring size without it seeming obvious what you’re doing.

For a subtle way to find your partner’s ring size, consider:

  • Asking their friends or family for help trying on rings.
  • Asking their friends or family for their ring size.
  • Measuring their finger in their sleep.
  • Getting an outline of their hand for the jeweler (arts and crafts, home decor projects, etc.)
  • Borrow or trace a ring (make sure it fits first).

The most reliable option is to have your partner’s ring size measured at the jeweler, especially when buying a custom ring. However, if you truly want it to be a surprise, consider using one of the methods above and tracing on their finger where the ring sits after you propose. Take your partner to the jeweler and allow them to fit the ring properly. When in doubt, buy a ring that is slightly larger than you think their finger is.

Pick the Perfect Style

Take care when picking out the perfect style for your engagement ring. You want the ring to represent your relationship—the ups, the downs, and the challenges along the way. Know your partner’s taste; do they prefer humble simplicity or flashy, luxurious decadence? Many jewelers and jewelry stores offer online ring creators that allow you to mix and match colors, gem cuts, and band styles, so be sure to take advantage of them!

Set a Budget

As much as you may want to blow your savings on an engagement ring that truly represents your love for your partner, that’s not the most sensible financial decision. Before you commit to a ring purchase, set a price range that you’re comfortable with. Your jeweler will help you find the perfect piece of jewelry for your budget, so trust in them.

Use the Four Cs

When picking out a diamond for your ring, there are four words to remember, widely known as the “Four Cs” of diamond quality: cut, color, clarity, and carat. Consider each of the following when picking the best diamond for your engagement ring:


While a diamond’s cut can sometimes refer to its shape, in the 4Cs, it refers to the facets of the gemstone and their interactions with light. A beautifully cut diamond can raise the appeal of any piece of jewelry—each facet can create rainbows, sparkle, and bright white light. A diamond has five possible grades for its cut that ranges from excellent to poor.


A diamond with an excellent color grade actually lacks color. Colorless diamonds are ideal—the clearer they are, the higher the quality. Diamonds with low color quality may be foggy white or yellow.


When judging a diamond on its clarity, you’ll look for flaws both inside and outside the diamond. Some flaws may not be visible to you but will show under a microscope to the professionals.


Carat is the measurement that most gemstone shoppers look for when searching for the perfect ring. Measuring the carat gives the buyer an idea of how large the stone is by its weight.

Have a Plan in Place To Keep the Ring Safe

Regardless of how well your partner takes care of their existing jewelry collection, the final task on your list of what to consider before purchasing an engagement ring is to think about the ring’s safety. You can invest in an insurance plan or a warranty, but it’s always better to stop accidents from happening at all than to remedy them after.

If your partner lives an active lifestyle, works with their hands a lot, or tends to lose things often, you may want to give them a place to put their ring—ideally, somewhere that’s both secure and mobile so that they can bring it with them.

A LoveLocker engagement ring travel box keeps treasured keepsakes safe from loss, theft, and damage while the wearer is on the go—all while staying on the safety of a lanyard. You can trust the LoveLocker to stay shut and protect the ring while your partner works or moves around, all without damaging the precious cargo within.


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