What To Do With Your Engagement Ring While Working As an RN


When people typically think of careers that put their engagement ring in danger, they may gravitate towards jobs in construction, manufacturing, or restaurant service. However, one of the most dangerous places to wear your engagement ring is while you’re working at a hospital as a registered nurse (RN).

Registered nurses see it all: bodily fluids, harsh chemicals, and hands-on work are no stranger to them. Many RNs know someone who has lost their wedding ring while on the clock, as though it’s a rite of passage for them. Whether you’re engaged to a registered nurse, or you are one, know what to do with your engagement ring while working as an RN to avoid losing your treasured possession.

The Dangers of Keeping Your Ring On As an RN

You may want to show off your sparkle to all your RN friends at the hospital, but wearing it comes with its own set of dangers. Not only can you damage the ring on the equipment you use, but the ring can also tear through sanitary gloves and put both yourself and your patient in danger. Jeweled rings can also carry bacteria—including MRSA bacteria, better known as the cause of staph infections.

No matter how often you clean your ring, carrying potentially deadly bacteria around the hospital as you move from patient to patient is a health hazard. Keeping your engagement ring on simply isn’t an option for RNs.

The Worries of Leaving Your Ring at Home

The alternative to bringing the ring with you to work is to leave it at home, where it’s safe. While it may be safe in a secure household, you never know what could happen while you’re away at work—especially if no one’s home. Pets could find the ring and lose it, a disaster could strike, or there could be a burglary.

While you could put it in a safe, you lose the exciting element of showing the ring off to all your RN friends at work. If you’re spending more hours at work than you are at home, it may feel as though you don’t even have an engagement ring at all.

Carry the Ring on Your Lanyard

To solve the never-ending problem of what to do with your engagement ring while working as an RN, you may look to other RNs who have their rings dangling from their lanyards. While this may be safer than leaving it on or keeping it at home, it’s still incredibly risky. The ring can easily slip off the lanyard and become lost in the hospital or can become a target for theft.

However, when you carry your ring on your lanyard in a LoveLocker keychain wedding ring holder, you keep the contents of the container hidden from view until it’s safe to unbox them. You can keep your engagement ring, wedding ring, or earrings safe as you go through your essential duties without worry. By keeping your ring close to your chest in a cute, secure LoveLocker, you’ll never have to worry about replacing or repairing an engagement ring again.

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